7 Important things to know before buying skincare products

by Anuja Chaudhari on Jun 02, 2022

7 Important things to know before buying skincare products

How we look is very important to us. So why not take care of the products we choose for it? We are trying to figure out what our skin type is, whether the product we are taking will be a suit for us, or whether the product is really helpful. But there are also some things you should consider before buying a skincare product… otherwise it may harm you in the future.

List of the ingredients-

It is important to look at what ingredients are included in the product you are buying. On the back of the product, the company mentions the list of ingredients included in the product. Check if the product you want has the ingredients you need, as well as what other ingredients they have included, which might harm you.

SLS Free

We often see advertisements that the product is SLS-free, but let's see why it is necessary to have an SLS-free product. SLS means sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium Laureth sulfate. Sulfate is a type of detergent that helps with foaming. It is used in shampoo, cleansers, and face wash. But since sulfate is an ingredient used in laundry powder, applying it to your skin or hair can cause you various skin problems. It removes dirt, dust, and also natural oil from your skin.


According to The Toxic-Free Foundation, toxic-free is a product that has been created without the use of any potentially toxic, carcinogenic, or poisonous ingredients that could be questionable in safety. So, when we say toxic-free it means, we don't use harmful chemicals.

Dermatologically Tested

A dermatologist means a skin doctor that specializes in the treatment of skin conditions. Dermatologically Tested means that the product has been tested by a Dermatologist. In short, the product has been tested on human skin, and it is safe to use. Also, no adverse effects of the product have been observed on human skin.


Nowadays, our awareness about the environment is increasing. When you go for cruelty-Free products, it means you have respect for the environment. In short, it is the promise that the final product, or the ingredients in the product, have not been tested on animals.


You may have seen the specific symbol of recycling on a lot of products. This symbol means that the finished product (mainly the plastic used for it) is recyclable. However, this does not mean that recycled materials have been used to make this product. Being recyclable means indirectly respecting the environment.

FDA approved 

FDA means The Food and Drug Administration, which is responsible for protecting public health by ensuring safety, efficacy, and security. It means the product is safe to use according to the FDA law.