Complete Skincare routine for dry skin

by Siddhant Jadhav on May 21, 2022

Complete Skincare routine for dry skin

“When someone asks me for a party, most of the time I refuse. Because I never shine, my skin always looks like a withered flower …” if you feel this way continually, then you're facing a dry skin problem.

While this may not be a very serious problem, it's certainly something to care for. Dry skin means there's no moisturizer in your skin, which can keep your skin soft, supple, and glowing.

Still, you can surely handle this problem better, If your skincare routine is right. Here are some important things to keep in mind.

Hydrating Cleanser

What you do for your skin when you wake up in the morning is very important. You often buy random cleansers from the market, and after washing your skin, you will find that your skin is getting drier. So choosing the right facial cleanser/face wash is a very important task. Face washes with rose and lavender extracts are best for dry skin. Ura Balm Lavender Face Wash is formulated for dry skin to help keep it hydrated.

Hydrating serum

The face should be nourished immediately after cleansing. Along with nourishment, the skin should be supplemented with more important elements like Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid helps keep your skin hydrated. You can add Ura’s Vitamin C and Turmeric Serum to your daily routine. Turmeric helps in brightening the skin.


Now your day will have begun, and you will have to get out. In that case, choose a moisturizer cream that will protect your skin from the dangerous sun rays. UV light and pollution cause free radical damage that leads to premature aging. The best option is to choose a face cream with SPF, which will meet both your sun protection and moisturization goals. Remember, you don't just need to apply moisturizer once a day, you need to apply it every time your skin feels dry.

Overnight gel

Oh, yes! Your stressful day may be over. Clean your face once again. If your skin is very dry, avoid applying skincare products that contain vitamin A.

Apply night gel/cream on the skin before going to bed. How your skin looks throughout the day depends on what you apply to your skin at night. Also, Night Gel helps to improve the quality, health, and tone of your skin. If you want to wake up the next day with moisturizing skin, never miss your night skincare routine.